Instruments played

Classical, acoustic, electric, bass guitar, vocals, keyboards and piano, ukulele, drums and percussion.

Author of lyrics and music and copywriting

In addition to my songwriting world, I compose lyrics and music on request, from jingles, acronyms, music, songs.

Arranger and Artistic Production

I can arrange even a simple melodic line or a text without a melody from scratch into a musical work done in different styles. It’s easier to point out the genres I don’t play: Trash Metal and Jazz.

Recording, Mixing and Mastering

I can make the different stages of production of a piece of music from scratch, up to obtaining a quality mastered finished product.


Personalized courses for all ages in: Acoustic, Classical, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Amplifier & Effects, Audio Technique for Home Recording and Live Music

Artistic Direction and Web Communication

I deal with the design, programming, communication and management of art and entertainment events.

Sound technician

Sound engineer both in the Recording phase and on stage.

Service Audio Luci & BackLine Equipment

I provide rental of Audio equipment for Live Music and small and medium sized events. Below I list the equipment:

  • n.2 LD Systema Maui2 G 28 (2000 Watt cad.)
  • n.2 Yamaha DXR10 (1100 Watt cad.)
  • n.1 Yamaha DBR10 (700 Watt cad.)
  • n.2 Alto Ts310 (1000 Watt Cad.)
  • n.1 Mixer Soundcraft UI16
  • n.1 Mixer Soundcraft EFX8
  • Microfoni: Shure Beta 58A, Shure Sm58, n.2 Shure SM57, Sennheiser E609, Akg P2 kick drum, Sontronics STC-10 e STC-2, Beringher B2 Pro, t.bone SC 140 Stereo Set, Akg P2 cardioid, Samson cardioid, ecc
  • Guitar Amplifier: Laney VC30 (30Watt A class)
  • Bass Amplifier: Fender Rumble100,¬† Vox Pathfinder Bass 10
  • Guitar & Bass Effects: Line6 Helix LT, MesaBoogie FLuxDrive, Source Audio Vertigo (tremolo), TC Electronic Sub n Up, TC Helicon Play, Tc Electronic HyperGravity, Source Audio Gemini (chorus), Dunlop CryBaby
  • Electric Guitars: Ovation BreadWinner (black), Fender Stratocaster Corona (made in USA 2006), Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro (black – 4 wired) 2017, Line6 Variax JTV69, Epiphone Casino Worn Olive (2020), EKO Tero (2020)
  • Bass Guitars: Warvick Corvette 5 strings (made in germany 2005), Hofner Violin Bass, Tokay Jazz Bass
  • Acoustic Guitars: Sigma DMC-1STE BR, Sigma Parlor LM-SGE, Sigma JM-SGE+
  • Classic Guitars: Yamaha NTX500
  • Ukulele: Epiphone Les Paul HCS (Heritage Cherry Sunburst)
  • Synth Keyboard: Korg M1
  • Midi Controller Keyboard: iRig 37 Pro
  • Scheda Audio Focusrite Scarlett 18i8
  • Scheda Audio M-Audio 410
  • DAW Logic Pro X
  • Stairville CLB2.4 Compact LED Par System n.2 + par led 18 n.3