So Close To You

“A Rock Song but also a Love Song. In the end, in love, the important thing is to know how to stay close to your loving

It’s the first time that I wrote and publish an english song. Maybe the next album will be totally in english… I hope you enjoy.

(Words & Music by Roberto Bruno)

Feeling so unkind // with my inner thoughts // looking for you heart // between your arms

so closed, so close to you

What freeze me is what you want // what you want is what I wanted // maybe time doesn’t help // maybe mine is just your fear

so closed, so close to you

How can I be helping you // what you do always to me // How can I be loving you // more than what I do always to feel // You’re in my heart as you can see // together everyday we’ll be

So Closed, so close to you

Now we have to choose // what we really wanna do // you’re life is spreading shots // my turn is being helping you // it’s you turn, it’s your round, it’s our life

How can I be helping you // what you do always to me // How can I be loving you // more than what I do always to feel //You’re in my heart as you can see // together everyday we’ll be

So Closed, so close to you


“…I am not performing essential service to my community…”

A journey on the “psychedelic trolley” in search of the #GoodNecessary. In line with the entire production of the latest work, this video clip is also conceived and created by Roberto Bruno. The song Rock represents, within the album, the most material aspect of a difficult search in the existence of a musician in a pandemic era. The quote from the verse of the song is the emblem of the social frustration that the artists are experiencing.

CARRELLO (Words & Music by Roberto Bruno)
Sono triste e confuso dalla mancanza del futuro
sono chiuso e amareggiato come il buio per un recluso
affaccio e distraggo i pensieri ammassati dentro un carrello
necessario come la gobba nel deserto per il cammello
Non trovo un caffè che sia più utile per me
per la produttività mi sento imprigionato nella scelta di libertà
non svolgo un servizio essenziale per la mia comunità
mi sforzo ogni giorno a fare un gesto di discontinuità
Sono stanco di ascoltare i mille volti in televisione
vi ho scoperto, non è più un gioco da giocare a viso aperto
mi riposo, prendo tempo ancora un pò ed io vi aspetto
ci riprovo a chiudere gli occhi quando è il momento di star sveglio

I am sad and confused by the lack of the future
I am closed and embittered as the dark to a recluse
I look out and distract the thoughts piled into a cart
necessary as the hump in the desert for the camel
I can’t find a coffee that’s more useful for me
for productivity I feel imprisoned in the choice of freedom
I am not performing essential service to my community
I strive every day to make a gesture of discontinuity
I’m tired of listening to the thousand faces on television
I found out about you, it is no longer a game to be played face to face
I rest, I take a little more time and I wait for you
I try again to close my eyes when it’s time to stay awake


We are “… a virus without vaccine”. The new video clip for the second single from Bene Necessario

I wrote this song during the 1st lockdown. I had a creative block; everyone sang from the balconies, wrote # all right, but nothing made me think that everything was going so well. Despite the heroes of the period, doctors, nurses, supermarket employees, pharmacists who did everything possible for everyone, the mass confirmed and highlighted their most negative aspects. I somatized, like everyone else, that terrible first experience of seclusion, but the anger grew inside, until I listened to a post by the artist / actor / comedian Roberto Lipari. It gave me the courage to say what I had inside: we are a breed that does not seem to want to improve but that always looks for opportunities to give the worst of themselves. I put myself in it too, everyone, even the best, everyone at least once in their life has sucked, let’s remember this and let’s try not to be a virus without a vaccine anymore.

You make me sick, every time I look at the world,
we suck, for the way we communicate,
I suck, every time I say we do,
It makes me sick, the arrogance of your ignorance,
we suck, we suck.
You make me sick, parliamentarians, governments and opposition,
you make me sick when you take bad positions,
you make me sick, freemasons, murderers and thieves,
you make me sick, opportunists and braggart,
You make me sick, you make me sick.
Markets, stock exchanges and finance make me sick,
they make me sick, refined substances and sugary diets,
they make me sick, false joy, internet, sport without values,
they make me sick, appearing and judging without knowledge,
they suck me, you make me sick, we suck, I suck, we suck,
We suck, in all positions,
we suck, we are a race with too many regressions,
we suck, science tells us,
we suck, because there is no story without a happy ending,
We suck, we are a vaccine-free virus,
we suck and we don’t like to hear it,
we suck, in front of the mirror every morning,
we suck, let’s repeat it endlessly, we suck, we suck,


A Rock album in which I talk about my social, economic and existentialist reflections as a musician in 2020!

On February 12, 2021, the sixth solo work is released, entirely written and produced by the musician and songwriter from Catania during the course of 2020, during the different phases of the lockdown. Many influences, from the Beatles to Rock ’70 and ’90, between blues and songwriting contaminations; all blended by his musical personality. Bene Necessario is designed as a Concept from a textual point of view; a flow of social, political and economic thoughts that flow into the existentialism and subsistenceism of an artist of 2020. The title track song and the idea of ​​the album, arise from the reflections resulting from the lists of essential services enunciated by the various anti-covid DPCM . So I wonder what the real Necessary Goods are. Did we fall into a modern Middle Ages? Are consumerism and finance, in addition to the pandemic, really changing the human and social aspect of existence? Musically, they range from Indie Pop to Rock, progressive rock hints, and then touch the blues and divertissment between Paolo Conte and Vinicio Capossela. I am the author, musician, producer and audio engineer. In this album I enjoyed, even out of necessity, my usual multi-instrumentalism (voices, guitars, bass, keyboards, piano, drums programming and percussions) even if this time I was lucky enough to have some precious collaborations: the singer-songwriter and friend Felice Briguglio, aka Marsili (Doremillaro Records with Cesare Basile) in the song “Medioevo”. With him I shared many musical paths, on all OneEyeDogs. Antonio Longo, with whom I practically started playing at the age of 15 and shared many experiences, we find him on the piano in “Senza Gettoni”. He was an advisor to all stages of the album’s production. Except Pennisi on drums in “Due soldi del ’43”, “Bene needed”, “Let’s suck” and “Covid Companion”. Salvo is a recent wonderful musical friendship, capable drummer and reliable interpreter of my ideas.


The new single from the album “Bene Necessario”

2020 will be remembered by all as one of the most difficult years since the end of the Second World War. The pandemic and the Lockdown forced us to invent a new way of life, our existence is changing. The Arts and Entertainment sector is certainly one of the hardest hit. I thought that the way to best experience this period is to produce music by writing new songs that could tell my reflections and emotions. Sadly, we artists have felt sidelined, we do not save human lives, we do not produce food, but we feed hearts, minds. We have gone from the moral obligation of having to entertain our contacts via the web or from the balconies in any way, to a frantically nervous summer, to the new total oblivion from autumn onwards. We are not an essential service, we are not a necessary good. We do not consider ourselves more important than other fundamental categories in times of pandemics, but perhaps we deserved greater respect. So I decided to make my personal list of necessary goods, to really say what I think of this modern society, to highlight some of the unpleasant aspects of the human being, because unfortunately everything is not going well, we are not improving, no indeed I see society worsening. Fortunately, there is good but there is also evil, there is so much rampant ignorance, and the tool today prince of knowledge, or the web, in the hands of poorly informed and prepared people, has become another modern virus. People are ill with functional illiteracy and respect for the life of others does not indicate improvement. 10 new songs, different styles and genres, self-produced, composed and played by me but this time with some guests in different songs. Marsili, Antonio Longo and Salvo Pennisi collaborated. Fosse Facile is the chosen song, a song with explicit Beatlesian atmospheres intended for the consciences of adults, to protect our future, our children. We can not lose hope, man must challenge himself to improve himself, that he does it at least for his own puppies of man, because alternatively we can only do one thing: SUCK.


The video clip Matri Mia has been released, the first from the EP 1669 – MilleSeicentoSessantaNove. Produced by BR1 Records with the precious collaboration of the talented Artist and Illustrator Tony Carciotto, also author of the cover of the aforementioned EP.

To contact the Artist you can write to or look for him on

This is the link to be able to read the original text in Sicilian with its translation in Italian. ⇒  Matri Mia Lyrics


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